Events to encourage the prayerful journey of staying in your cave…

When we enter Advent in November, in the Celtic Christian tradition of these islands, Advent was seen as a lesser Lent. In light of lock-downs and social distancing, why not use the opportunity to see the beautiful season of Advent as a time of waiting, going into one’s inner cave of the heart, contemplation, inner spiritual work and prayer?

Here is a programme of events for November / December:

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Retreat Testimonials

I would encourage you to try one of Donna's retreats. You will find the retreat to be relaxing, and be gently brought into the comforting presence of the Lord with the blessing of the Holy Spirit enriching mind, body and soul.
Eleanor West, Lay Reader at St Paul’s C of E Church, Skelmersdale
Donna explores a wide variety of themes, with creativity and courage to touch people’s lives.
Fr Liam Finnerty OCD, Prior of Boar’s Hill, Oxford
….always deeply spiritually renewing.
Sr Nora Coughlan SMG