THE CROSS AND RESURRECTION | Reflection and contemplation.

Jesus took the brave road of love as he walked to the cross…What would crucifixion have meant to those living in his time, in 1stC Palestine, a land occupied by the brutal Roman state? Was does the sign of the cross mean? How are the cross and resurrection seen in Johns’ Gospel? And what of French philosopher Rene Girard’s compelling seeing of the cross as showing God taking the position of the scapegoat, a plea to stop violence? What of Theologian Paul Tillich’s understanding of the new being and resurrection? What are you seeing and encountering when you gaze at the cross and the resurrection? In this Easter season, through a variety of methods e.g. paintings, contemplative prayer, ancient and modern wisdom we will explore, reflect on and discuss the meaning of these central life-changing signs of the cross and the resurrection.

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Event Date 28-04-2021 2:00 pm
Event End Date 28-04-2021 5:00 pm
Individual Price £20.00

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I would encourage you to try one of Donna's retreats. You will find the retreat to be relaxing, and be gently brought into the comforting presence of the Lord with the blessing of the Holy Spirit enriching mind, body and soul.
Eleanor West, Lay Reader at St Paul’s C of E Church, Skelmersdale
Donna explores a wide variety of themes, with creativity and courage to touch people’s lives.
Fr Liam Finnerty OCD, Prior of Boar’s Hill, Oxford
….always deeply spiritually renewing.
Sr Nora Coughlan SMG